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Connectivity and Networking.

Listeningis the first step.

Before your team can surf the web seamlessly, we listen to your needs, uncovering what your new solution must include for a secure connection that produces more productive teams.
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Why choose us?

Your business is our business, and we don’t hesitate to protect it. Our team leaves no stone unturned and no room for regrets.


Our flexible contracts add value for your business wherever possible, all in one bill.


We’re available to all your team 24/7, and always willing to onboard and teach anyone at any time.


We proactively monitor risk and opportunity to ensure you get the most from your investment.

What we do.

There’s a lot to consider in simply choosing a connectivity technology, so we’ll make it as easy as possible for you to pick the best tech for your needs.

Fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP)

The new standard for business connectivity, FTTP delivers speeds up to 1Gbps and coverage across the country is growing every week!

Fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC)

Ideal for low-bandwidth services, FTTC is a cost-effective conduit for elements like CCTV cameras, lone worker alarms and the like.

Leased Lines

Leased Lines are the top tier of the connectivity cake, delivering the fastest speeds and reliability, but that does also come at a considerable cost.


For those in hard-to-reach areas, or with mobile businesses, satellite services can keep you connected, with no strings attached.


Whether you need high-bandwidth mobile services or your business operates in a high-footfall area, 5G will guarantee your tech gets the fastest speeds. It’s also a great network to leverage for IoT solutions!


Multi-site and international networking are incredibly complex but don’t worry! Our in-house engineering team will make sure all your sites can share information seamlessly thanks to reliable networking.

Fibreoptic Installations

We’ll make sure every crook and corner of your office has access to the fastest possible speeds with fibre cabling throughout your premises.


Our secure, scalable WiFi solutions enable your business to create a software-defined network, controlled from a single interface for greater productivity.

Firewall and security

Cyberthreats are like kids – always finding new ways to get into things. Thankfully, our advanced firewall policies protect your business network and all its data.

“The relationships we’ve fostered with our vendors ensure our customers get the bespoke solutions needed to thrive in today’s digital-first marketplace.“

Daniel Cheesbrough, Director – IPEX

What our customers say.

IP Exchange Ltd
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Charles BlackwellCharles Blackwell
10:20 26 Jun 23
We have received consistently good service from the team at IP Exchange since they first came into the market. As they've grown as a business, they've successfully scaled-up but without losing the personal touch and excellent service that they started with. Would highly recommend them to any business looking for a communications and IT service provider.
13:19 25 May 23
Because Margaret is an absolute joy to deal with, if I ever have any issues she is there to answer my questions, deal with the issue quickly and with a lovely personality. In these days of generally poor customer service across the board, it is nice to have great service for a change.
Michael NelsonMichael Nelson
22:44 24 Mar 23
Absolutely fantastic communications provider. Always willing to go above and beyond to help us and support us in our business. Never experienced any issues or outages. I would definitely recommend to friends, family, colleagues and clients.
Karen AllenKaren Allen
12:52 24 Mar 23
If only other companies had the same customer service level that IPEX has provided us with, then we would all be laughing. On the few occasions we have had problems with the system or broadband they have been efficiently dealt with by the team at IPEX.

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