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Meeting demands of clients and candidates

The Customer

Established in 2006, Purosearch is a highly effective recruitment consultancy, trusted by thousands of health & social care professionals to provide them with guidance, support, and expertise to take their career to the next level.

The Challenge

Purosearch’s existing system threatened to impede the agency’s ability to serve its clients and candidates effectively, not only hindering effective communication between their recruiters and candidates but also failing to provide essential reporting capabilities required for efficient management.

The legacy system lacked the necessary features to provide responsive and personalised experiences for seamless communication, making it challenging for recruiters to interact with candidates and clients efficiently.

Plus, a lack of robust reporting tools deprived managers across the multiple offices of essential insights into recruiter activity and performance. Without this data, it was challenging to centrally assess staff/site productivity, client engagement, and other key metrics necessary for data-driven decision-making.

The Solution

IPEX for Recruitment, a hosted telephony system designed specifically for the recruitment industry, presented a holistic solution to modernise Purosearch’s communications and better connect its 50+ users across 3 sites.

Multi-Site amalgamation was a key goal for Purosearch, and IPEX for Recruitment’s cross-site presence information would ensure staff could see who was available, while multi-site ring groups/queues calls would ensure be responded to quicker, and foster a ‘one team’ mentality.

Softphone apps would also enable staff to work effectively from remote locations while expanding communication possibilities by enabling video calls, text messaging, and voice calls so agents could communicate in their contact’s preferred channel.

IPEX for Recruitment’s enhanced call reporting functionalities would deliver a suite of reporting tools, including historical reporting, allowing managers to access detailed data on recruiter activity over specific time frames, while real-time reports, including wallboards and activity within the Web Client, would offer real-time information into active conversations and queues.

Automatic Call Recording (and Upload into Purosearch’s CRM) also ensured previous customer interactions were easy to locate for any Quality Control or internal enquiries, while Chat Journalling (including SMS, WhatsApp and LiveChat) ensured the team could leverage the same level of auditing over text-based correspondence as well.

Furthermore, Barge, Listen, and Whisper features could be leveraged by managers during the onboarding and training of new staff, and to support experienced staff in their calls to further streamline training processes, improve call quality, and ensure consistent service delivery.

Purosearch also opted to leverage IPEX’s 24/7 support, governed by agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs), providing immediate assistance whenever issues arose, to ensure the business could consistently offer very best service availability to its users and resolve issues fast.

The Results

Adopting IPEX for Recruitment delivered a wide range of improvements for Purosearch:


Consolidated communications

Across all sites, with all of Purosearch’s communications now in one platform, has enabled the team to establish multi-site departments and facilitate seamless transfers to colleagues throughout the growing organisation.

Improved reporting and analytics

Empower Purosearch’s management to analyse staff working levels, track client engagement, and assess performance, leading to better resource allocation and strategy development via data-driven decision-making.

Built-in softphone apps

Enable Purosearch staff to work effectively from home, ensuring uninterrupted service while also improving staff productivity and business continuity.

The implementation of IPEX for Recruitment has not only resolved the challenges faced by Purosearch but also elevated its operational capabilities as a now more efficient and client-focused recruitment agency in the health and social care sector.

With its new hosted telephony solution in place, Purosearch is better equipped to meet the demands of its clients and candidates while it has a range of tools at its fingertips to continually assess and optimise internal operations for continued growth and success.

If your organisation is facing similar challenges, or something completely different across its Connectivity, Communications, Business Mobiles and IT Services, don’t hesitate to reach out on 0330 058 0699.

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