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Optimise your team and tech with our Network Services

Over the last decade, the technology we use day-in day-out – phones, laptops and servers – have all advanced dramatically, and so have the peripheral systems that support those devices, like Wi-Fi, connectivity and networking devices.

However, many businesses haven’t prioritised keeping network infrastructure up to date, which can cause significant issues, especially on the productivity and security of devices… But not for our customers!

Our range of Network Services ensures an efficient network so that teams can collaborate seamlessly and stay online, no matter what. Here’s how:

Wi-Fi Surveys

Patchy Wi-Fi isn’t just a problem that your team experiences in the office – it has a tangible effect on your business as a whole!

Our advanced Wi-Fi Surveys meticulously analyse your premises, factoring in signal strength, interference sources, and user density to craft tailored solutions that eliminate ‘not-spots’ and provide the fastest speeds possible.

Consider too that you’ve invested considerable money in your office, so it makes sense to get rid of any ‘not-spots’ so that your team can make the most of that space.

Especially in noisier workspaces, those quiet, unused corners could be repurposed as mini-conferencing pods for staff on video calls, or simply want a quiet space to focus – but only when the Wi-Fi reaches all those nooks and crannies!

Network Readiness Tests

Regular Network readiness and penetration tests are an essential element of any network.

Designed to surface potential issues and vulnerabilities, the range of tests that we deliver ensures your network is ready to handle the growing demands on your connectivity. Plus, we may be able to recommend ways to ensure you remain online, even if you experience an outage.

Security is another incredibly important reason for network testing, given the ever-evolving cyber threats and an increasing number of Supply Chain attacks that target smaller businesses to gain access to login credentials for larger organisations.

By identifying and fixing these potential kinds of issues before they push your business offline, you can avoid costly and disruptive downtime that impacts your business’ credibility and profitability, as well as your team’s productivity.

We may even find areas for optimisation and deliver better performance and efficiency across your entire network!

Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre optic cables are essential tiny strands of glass encased in rubber and plastic sheathing, meaning they can be incredibly brittle if not handled and installed carefully.

As fibreoptics transmit data as flashes of light, rather than electrical signals, they deliver a range of benefits especially far faster, and more reliable, internet speeds and data transmission.

Increased security is another key benefit. Because copper cables use electricity to transmit data, they’re vulnerable to tampering where the data can be read by a small device attached to the cable – Light pulses on the other hand can’t be intercepted as easily!

They’re also cheaper to run too, because they don’t require anywhere near as much electricity to transmit data or degrade as quickly over larger distances, compared to copper.

Finally, fibre optic cables are also far more future-proof, able to handle multiple types of traffic such as voice and video, as well as leveraging higher bandwidths than typical cabling, meaning it’s more adaptable in the long run.

Why choose IPEX?

Unrivalled Expertise, Bespoke Solutions and an unrivalled level of customer service are at the forefront of everything we deliver at IPEX.

Our team remain eager to contribute and suggest ways to support your business’ growth, while being super-vigilant in all their process to ensure no stone is uncovered in creating your perfect solution.

That means we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our products, services and expertise, backed by 24/7 support, led by a team of experienced IT professionals that are always available to discuss how to take your business’ technology to the next level.

And if you don’t believe us, take it from our customers:

“The sales team are tremendous, they listen to what the customer needs and share honest advice throughout the process. The continued support after install from Chris, Margaret, Reece and Tamara is what makes IPEX different to any other telecoms & IT provider. 100% recommend!”
Mike, MD at Colin Tunstall Accountants

“Absolutely fantastic communications provider. Always willing to go above and beyond to help us and support us in our business. Never experienced any issues or outages. I would definitely recommend to friends, family, colleagues and clients.”
Mike, MD at Colin Tunstall Accountants

So, if you want to ensure your network infrastructure isn’t holding your team back, and that your business is protected from outages and attacks, you can book a call with our expert team here, or call 0330 058 0699.

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